High Performance Hoof Care, LLC
Vickey M. Hollingsworth, DAEP 

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A Higher Standard of Service
In 2004 it became my mission to create a different brand of farrier service. Horse owners deserve high quality communication, compassionate horse handling skills, and knowledge that is relevant and up-to-date. Holding myself to the highest standards allows my clients to feel comfortable and confident with my work.

After completing an apprenticeship with a Certified Farrier, I traveled to various regions of the United States to attend clinics and seminars taught by world class farriers and veterinarians. In 2007 I earned a Degreed Applied Equine Podiatry Certification on scholarship from the Institute of Applied Equine Podiatry based on Ocala, Florida. Since that time I have continued my education by attending topic specific educational seminars as often as possible. Specializing in lameness prevention and rehabilitation, I often work on severe cases in conjunction with the attending veterinarian and current farrier.

I grew up riding and competing in various disciplines such as dressage and endurance racing. I currently share my life with 4 wonderful horses who have traveled the country with me and back. From galloping in the Atlantic Ocean surf to  packing in the mountains, my horses have shared many experiences with me.  Every minute not spent with client horses is spent with my own. Honing my natural horsemanship skills allows me to be safer and more at ease around your equines. Life is a joyous adventure and I am humbled greatly to work with these magnificent animals.
Randall B. Howe

Every farrier knows that an excellent apprentice is worth their weight in gold! I am honored to have Randall Howe on my team acting as my right hand man! Randy has a natural ability with horses and uses only natural horsemanship, gentle techniques. He is my horse handler, donkey wrangler, and constant companion. We travel the country together helping equine owners with their hoof care and training needs. With Randy at the lead rope, I can often get nervous, un-handled or misbehaved horses trimmed safely. Randy is a true people-person, and enjoys visiting with clients. He owns two horses and is a trail rider at heart! Being from New England, he loves to trail ride in the mountains. We used to ride our mares in the Atlantic Ocean and explore abandoned mountain roads. Randy has a great deal of calm, confident energy to impart to unsure horses and helps me keep all the loose ends of the business tied up!