High Performance Hoof Care, LLC
Vickey M. Hollingsworth, DAEP 

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The trimming style used by Vickey Hollingsworth is unique and customized to every individual animal.  Soundness is the ultimate goal, and horses should never be sore or unusable after a trim. The sole is preserved, and the hoof is encouraged to grow a healthy and concave internal arch.  Any infection of the white line and frog is treated, flare is removed, bars are neatened to the level of the sole and balance is restored.  The trim style is conservative, while offering effective stimulus for proper growth and health.
Glue-on Easyshoes are used when soundness and health cannot be achieved on the barefooted horse.  For more information, visit the Glue-On shoeing page.

Lameness rehabilitation involves a general gait analysis at every appointment, assistance to the horse owner in developing the proper environment and diet for the horse, proper hoof trimming, shoeing if needed, and maintenance on a short cycle.

Appointment intervals can range from every couple of weeks, to every 8 weeks, depending on the individual needs of the horse and its owner. Vickey offers evening and weekend appointments to accommodate your busy schedule!

Barefoot Trims

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